Hey, I'm Oleg Smirnoff, aka "Usen.", aka "Usenrame". I'm a 27-year-old game designer born in Russia living in California, fueled by a passion for gaming. I love VR and GameDev, with more than 9 years of experience in the industry. Check out my featured projects below.

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creator of GNOMES RP

VR online role playing gathering game about gnomes

Gnomes page


creator of Entity Summoner

Horror-crafting fun game made in 72 hours for the LudumDare55 event. All arts was generated by AI. Your goal is to combine ingredients and summon entities.

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co-founder of MYGPT.Date

Fun side hustle - AI automation startup. Configurable human-like chatting solution. Can make you real dates!

MyGPT.Date page


creator of Wadality

Multiplayer VR shooter game that brings freedom and endless fun! It has a unique VR movement system, allowing players to freely explore game levels in any direction. With hands swing locomotion, motion sickness is significantly reduced.

Wadality page


creator of Nature Scape MR

"Nature Scape" is a Mixed Reality (MR) experience designed to transform your room into an enchanting nature garden. It was made as an experiment together with Meta.

NatureScape page


creator of Cursed Delivery

Someone has ordered a donor liver, and they are patiently waiting for you. However, the flight may take slightly longer than anticipated, as the recipient is on another planet. It takes ~178 real days to complete this mission

Cursed Delivery


creator of Discomobulate

This is a fast-paced fighting strategy game with 10-second rounds. The first second is for strategy, and the remaining 9 seconds are for the fight itself. Use your stamina wisely and skip moves to conserve energy.

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founder of Manerai

Small and cozy game dev studio from California. Developing fun and comfortable VR games and experiences.



creator of Dental Recviem

Dentist simulator game for Ludum Dare 47 game Jam. Your turn to dive into dental daily routine. Don’t you become tired? Especially when your clients are without insurance.

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creator of Project Elysium

Enter the immersive and fantastic world of Elysium VR. Dive into a deeply rich MMO Roleplaying Experience, available for both Virtual Reality and desktop. Find a job, build yourself up in your virtual society, and come out on top of the game.

Project Elysium page


creator of VR Twix

Toolset of simple and lightweight interaction & weaponary solutions for Unity VR.

GitHub (archieved)


founder of RAV3 Inc.

Game development studio based in Los Angeles, California.



creator ofVR Studio

Broadcast yourself and share your thoughts worldwide, staying anonimous! It's your personal space for self-expression and creativity.

VR Studio page


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